Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A digital painting


I was doing some research on the topic of the odious 'Extreme Pornography' act. Apparently, whilst the act does not cover BBFC certified films, it can cover screenshots from them. This is just too fantastically fucking stupid for words. It inspires me maybe to see what happens when I take one remove; if I were to paint stills from films that have sections which contravene the act (this includes plenty of famous and well respected films, for example The Exorcist).

I feel very strongly that the draconian and insane attitude of the British state towards the kind of imagery covered by the act, it's ludicrous double standard definitions of what constitutes pornography and what does not, and its criminalisation of simulated acts that cause no harm to anyone is deeply worrying. There has been some resistance, but few mainstream organisations seem to give a shit about it, which is no surprise. Anti-censorship campaigners have historically shown an unwillingness to get engaged in the really dirty fights, and have let the simpering, paternalistic legacy of Mary Whitehouse and her spawn pervade the national discourse. If the state can tell us what we are allowed to watch, listen to etc. then it can quite literally tell us how to think. We already live in a society where capitalistic forces highly restricts the content of much of the media (through the glorious free market). Censorship of any form is anathemic to a free and rational society.

Man I like ranting.

Monday, 25 January 2010

More Ministry of the Occult

Two illustrations from Ministry of the Occult leaflet #24894, "Your Pranic Body and You"


The idea of telling a story through lots of small documents and artifacts is not something new to my art, but not something I've ever really pulled off before. I kinda want to actually make up a few official looking Ministry of the Occult leaflets (or propaganda flyers from their enemies) and leave them around in various places. Sort of a guerilla Alternate Reality game. This links in to an idea I have been developing on and off for about two years now, involving creating my own hoax conspiracy theory, and using it to discredit other conspiracists. I've grown kind of worried with the ethical issues surrounding that idea though: what if someone were to really come to believe it, and you couldn't convince them it was fake? There's a lot of nutters out there.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Speech to be made at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park

"Speakers corner is a tool of social and political oppression. It is a cultural space designed by the state to corral and contain dissenting opinion. It is an Orwellian memory hole for marginal or minority opinions. All speech here is rendered safe, and thus rendered meaningless. By speaking here, you have automatically given up any possibility of affecting change; you have made yourself into a circus exhibit for tourists. In a truly free society, dissenting opinion should be, no, must be everywhere. I urge all the other speakers here, and anyone else in attendance who is thinking of speaking; if you truly care about your message as anything more than socio-political theatre, then leave this place at once. Go find another corner and speak there. Speak on every corner. Carve your message into walls, write it on leaflets and shove it through peoples letterboxes, scrawl it on billboards, shout it from rooftops. Make your speeches outside parliament, and every time the police drag you away, go back and start speaking again. Anyone who speaks here might as well be speaking inside a soundproofed box, for all the impact your words will have. It is shameful that we have swallowed the idea that the state is somehow doing us a favour by letting us speak freely in one tiny corner of a park. It is unbelievable that people can seriously hold this up as evidence of a free and tolerant society. This is not tolerance. This is a ghetto for ideas. This is where protest comes to die. I urge anyone who’s willing to repeat this message, I will leave copies here. This shameful intellectual prison has existed for too long, and information wants to be free. Death to speakers corner!"

If anyone in London feels like going to speakers corner and delivering this speech, preferably as many times as possible, that would be wonderful. I plan on doing it myself within the next month or so, funds permitting. The idea is to hand out plenty of copies of the speech and also maybe leaflets and hopefully create some kind of memetic virus that seriously disrupts the safe little loony pen/theatre of cruelty that is speakers corner, which is to free public discourse as a single stale crumb to a starving man.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Newspaper doodles

These are all taken from a Guardian pull-out I left lying around because I wanted to mutilate it, '10 Icons of the Decade'. I was thinking of maybe doing a whole series and planning something bored but I just got bored and doodled on peoples faces. Everything is black ballpoint, blue biro and tip-ex.




Although, as the inclusion of Bin Laden might suggest, they were casting the net a bit wider than just nice people, it was pretty incredible how much I hated almost everyone in this pull-out.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Some more fiction concept sketches. My years at art college seem largely to have been dedicated to pursuading me that speculative fiction related material is silly, childish or not real art. My life is far too short to think shit like that. Obviously this ain't gallery stuff, but all too often it's what my imagination starts chewing over when I let it rip, and I can't deny that.

One side effect I've noticed of three years or 'serious' art is that I've lost whatever meagre ability I had to draw hands. Hands are the Final Boss of the human figure for most artists: just getting their scale right can be challenging enough, even without all those fucking fingers. When you add foreshortening into the mix it just becomes horrible. Seems I am going to have to very much sit down with my copy of Anatomy for the Artist and have a couple of sessions of straight up just drawing fucking hands. Yay.


Ministry of the Occult leaflet no. 48952

Firstly, whomsoever, being ungodly, killeth a christian without due cause, he shall be put to death.
Secondly, whomsoever, being ungodly, killeth one of his own sort without due cause, he shall be put before the mercy of the special courts.
Thirdly, whomsoever, being ungodly, createth more than one like unto himself, he shall be put to death and his illegal protege also shall be put before the mercy of the special courts.
Fourthly, whomsoever useth ungodly powers against the government of Great Britain or her provinces and dependencies, the Sovereign thereof, or the established church of England, or shall use such powers against nations allied with or friendly to the above, he shall be put to death.
Fifthly, whomsoever belongeth to any group or order declared treasonous to this nation by the special courts, or who knowingly carry out the orders or plans of such a group, he shall be put to death.
Sixthly, whomsoever shall reveal, or conspire to reveal, the nature of his ungodliness or that of others to persons not suited for such revelations, he shall be placed at the mercy of the special courts.
Seventhly, whomsoever useth ungodly powers for the purposes of fraud or deception of christian folk, or unduly useth the knowledge gained by unnatural years, he shall be placed at the mercy of the special courts.
Finally, whomsoever, being ungodly, breaketh the other laws of this land, he shall be placed at the mercy of the special courts.

The night laws were written in 1695, following the pattern of similiar continental laws. Still in force, and forming the core of the UK's secret laws, they have remained unchanged ever since, and some of the legal jargon might be unfamiliar to less antiquated readers, and may appear offensive to some. The implications of this language no longer necessarily reflect the views of the British government. The term 'ungodly', used throughout, means anyone who is defined as 'differently human' by the Definitions Act (revised) of 1995. Christian, conversely, means anyone who is defined under the above act as 'normally human', and has nothing to do with an individuals religious background. Being put 'at the mercy of the special courts' means that the punishment is not fixed, and can be any which it is in the power of the special courts to give out, including fines, imprisonment, curses and the death penalty. The 'due cause' mentioned in the second laws covers mostly self defence, and actions which have been given prior legal sanction (ie. killing an enemy of the crown during wartime, an executioner conducting his duties). Killing in hot blood is NOT considered a mitigating circumstance under the Night Laws. The complexities of the third law, especially with regards to witchcraft, are detailed in the pamphlet 'Paranormal Reproduction and the Law'. For a list of organisations that have been outlawed by the special courts, please consult the pamphlet 'Combating Supernatural Terrorism'. 'the inhuman nature of others' is identical to 'state occult secrets', as defined by the Occult Secrets Act of 1932. Under the Rotterdam Treaty, the Night Laws have primacy over the European laws on human rights, but do not otherwise affect your statutory rights as a British citizen. For further information about the Night Laws or other secret laws, please refer to the other publications of this department or to the secret section of the British Library. All publications issued by this department are available in Large Print, Braille, Audiobook form, Welsh, Punjabi and other languages as and when available.

This second sketch showcases a technique I have been experimenting with whereby if I get the picture wrong I hack it to pieces and put it back together with masking tape. Not entirely effective


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Twirly face


Et plus de twirl!

Just a sketchbook page. Looks Like I might be getting a new computer of my very ownsome tomorrow, so I will hopefully start posting maybe some more complex stuff and of course everyone's favourite WRITING (not like that stupid massive brainfart I posted before, though I am glad I posted that as otherwise I would have lost all that bullshit with my old computer).

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I was holding out till I got my computer fixed but that's just making excuses. Here I am, back again, on borrowed computing power and borrowed time, a man alone etc. etc.

First let me say a big 'ol RIP for Jay Reatard. He was a rocker, and now he's dead. He was also less than ten years older than me which is worrying. He also may have been murdered! Guess I should try not to piss anyone off.

On that note, here's some massively self-indulgent sci-fi bullshit to get this show on the road again.


This is a preview because the actual whole thing is WAY too fucking big. Find the whole thing, notes etc. HERE

You might have to download it to read all the text I dunno. Get a bigger screen you fucking hippy scum.

And yeah it's a little sketchy but fuck you this is MY blog and I'll do whatever the fuck I want on it, except say I'm going to post every day and then only post like an average of ten things a year OH SHIT.

EDIT: Hopefully you can actually go and read and see it all properly now