Thursday, 14 January 2010


I was holding out till I got my computer fixed but that's just making excuses. Here I am, back again, on borrowed computing power and borrowed time, a man alone etc. etc.

First let me say a big 'ol RIP for Jay Reatard. He was a rocker, and now he's dead. He was also less than ten years older than me which is worrying. He also may have been murdered! Guess I should try not to piss anyone off.

On that note, here's some massively self-indulgent sci-fi bullshit to get this show on the road again.


This is a preview because the actual whole thing is WAY too fucking big. Find the whole thing, notes etc. HERE

You might have to download it to read all the text I dunno. Get a bigger screen you fucking hippy scum.

And yeah it's a little sketchy but fuck you this is MY blog and I'll do whatever the fuck I want on it, except say I'm going to post every day and then only post like an average of ten things a year OH SHIT.

EDIT: Hopefully you can actually go and read and see it all properly now

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