Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A digital painting


I was doing some research on the topic of the odious 'Extreme Pornography' act. Apparently, whilst the act does not cover BBFC certified films, it can cover screenshots from them. This is just too fantastically fucking stupid for words. It inspires me maybe to see what happens when I take one remove; if I were to paint stills from films that have sections which contravene the act (this includes plenty of famous and well respected films, for example The Exorcist).

I feel very strongly that the draconian and insane attitude of the British state towards the kind of imagery covered by the act, it's ludicrous double standard definitions of what constitutes pornography and what does not, and its criminalisation of simulated acts that cause no harm to anyone is deeply worrying. There has been some resistance, but few mainstream organisations seem to give a shit about it, which is no surprise. Anti-censorship campaigners have historically shown an unwillingness to get engaged in the really dirty fights, and have let the simpering, paternalistic legacy of Mary Whitehouse and her spawn pervade the national discourse. If the state can tell us what we are allowed to watch, listen to etc. then it can quite literally tell us how to think. We already live in a society where capitalistic forces highly restricts the content of much of the media (through the glorious free market). Censorship of any form is anathemic to a free and rational society.

Man I like ranting.

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