Monday, 25 January 2010

More Ministry of the Occult

Two illustrations from Ministry of the Occult leaflet #24894, "Your Pranic Body and You"


The idea of telling a story through lots of small documents and artifacts is not something new to my art, but not something I've ever really pulled off before. I kinda want to actually make up a few official looking Ministry of the Occult leaflets (or propaganda flyers from their enemies) and leave them around in various places. Sort of a guerilla Alternate Reality game. This links in to an idea I have been developing on and off for about two years now, involving creating my own hoax conspiracy theory, and using it to discredit other conspiracists. I've grown kind of worried with the ethical issues surrounding that idea though: what if someone were to really come to believe it, and you couldn't convince them it was fake? There's a lot of nutters out there.

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