Sunday, 7 February 2010

A poem

I can't do shit with this cartoon. In lieu of some sketchbook stuff, here's an obscene poem. A reading of this with some musical accompaniment should be appearing on a compilation somewhere soon. Also I need to probably listen to less Sutcliffe Jugend.

Extreme Pornography

Part 1: Masturbation Fantasy

I am a sadist
I derive pleasure from the pain of others
And they derive pleasure from my cruelty
I can be very cruel when I want to be
And I want to be cruel very, very often
I have no control over my own life
So I crave control over the lives of others
I want to control your life
I don't care if you have a cock
I don't care if you have a cunt
I only care that you obey
Without thought
Without question
I want to hurt you
I want to turn you into Extreme Pornography
I want to use you as a pincushion
I want to use you as an ashtray
I want to punch you in the face
I want to fuck you the arse
I want to fucking degrade you
I want to fucking humiliate you
I want dominance
I want dominion
I want to use you as a toilet
I want to use you as a candelabra
I want to objectify you utterly
I want to use you as a canvas
I want to create a new art form
The medium will be the message
The work will say 'suffering'
It will say that we are meat
It will be etched into your meat
It will transform your flesh
And your flesh will transform the world
We will clean the world with blood and vinegar
We will make all the chains real, finally
Life is Extreme Pornography
No Consent
Life is a rape/revenge film that never ends
They will see their hypocrisy
Mirrored in my boots
They will wash it away
With roman showers
They will be forced to understand
We will fuck them back to sanity

And they will hate us for it
And they will love us for it

They will beg us to stop
Their despair will be erotic
We will clean away their tears with torn flags
We will take scalpels to their uniforms
We will mask them and take whips to their flesh
Calling out contradictory demands
As they heave desperately on ropes
Attached to the gates of the asylum

Part 2: Consequences

And it will never stop
And it will never get better
It will always hurt
It will leave marks
It won't grow back
No matter how much you want it to
Because that's life
A self-balancing equation
Input pain
Output pleasure
That's how it works
So you can eat others must starve
So you can laugh others must cry
There are no victimless crimes
There are no free lunches
Every second another rape
Every second another murder
With one bullet to load each gun
We could kill everyone
Sons lashed to fathers
Daughters to mothers
Pitched off the bridge
Into the frozen water
Like a chain for the world
Like a chain for the mind
We draw circles
But there's nothing outside
And nothing inside
Except us
And Extreme Pornography

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