Thursday, 11 February 2010

Some Images, Happiness

Self-Image February 2010
Permanent marker, black nail varnish, correction fluid, blue fineliner on cartridge paper

Who Will Deliver Me?
Permanent marker on cartridge paper

Fuck De Boere
Permanent marker, black nail varnish, correction fluid on cartridge paper

Parcel tape and correction fluid on cartidge paper

Untitled (Unintentional Image of a Disgruntled Cartoon Man)
Correction fluid and black nail varnish on cartridge paper

I feel like my life has suddenly, and without any warning, turned a corner. A great big sickening black pall of depression, which has hung over me for over a year, has suddenly vanished. With it has vanished my apathy. Apathy is the worst thing about depression; it seems so easy to overcome, and yet you just, well, can't be bothered, somehow. This should be an awful time for me: I first got together my lover of three years, who I split up with (permanently this time) about ten months ago, on valentines day five years ago. But it's not! I feel great! I've started going to the gym again, and this evening I just sat down and grabbed whatever I could find and made art just for the sake of it.

Fuck the citalopram, I'm cured.

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