Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Let's go art!

Damn, It's been a long time since I posted anything. Life has been like a whirlwind. For anyone who follows my life news: I got a place back at art college so I can finish my BA. Fantastique. In other life news, I have spent the last four weeks on a mandated course for the long-term unemployed. It is transcendentally dull, but I've met some fun people. To stave off the boredom, I've been doing a lot of doodling. I still haven't solved my 'problem' of when I sit down to draw just wanting to draw space aliens and robot knights and other such 'low art' shit. However, I will have to very soon start pounding forward with some very 'serious', conceptually bold, highly finished work if I ever want to get a 2/1 (and spend at least another year outside the hellish real world doing a masters degree).

Okay lets put some meat on these digital bones. I apologise in advance that many of these images are poorly rendered in cheap, naff biro, supplied to us free (along with bountiful printer and photocopier paper).

First, some general odd images:

Next some general sci-fi/fantasy/horror bits. First a picture of some demon:

Now other stuff:

Here are some sketches from an idea of mine for a comic/roleplay setting/some nerdy shit called 'Hell Patrol'. It is about mad max style officers of the titular organisation fighting zombies (and the electricity hating, mind-devouring entities from beyond time and space who create them) in post-apocalyptic Britain. It makes about as much sense as any intellectual property whose conceptual basis rests on the titles of Judas Priest songs should be expected to.

Also over the past month or so I have been putting together design documents hashing out my concepts for literary science fiction, that I have been developing in my head since I was about 8. This document is becoming truly monstrous (34,000+ words, 91 pages with illustrations) and is only about three fifths done. It may appear on here at some point in the future, I don't know. I have been toying with the concept of taking my various speculative fiction ideas and expounding them in some sort of website form with a many-worlds conceit. Like most of my ideas this will probably come to nothing.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Here is a little comic to send you on your way.

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