Monday, 13 September 2010

Franz de Byl is still insane

I'm sorry, I can't leave this off. I'm kind of obsessed by this guy. Here is a google cache of a post from a blog he has since deleted (why? Why does this man do anything?)

Lesson # 2:
Using s.b.'s name and trade mark with the intend and purpose to sell commercials or in any other way gain profits is not allowed. Unless the owner gave allowance to do so.
Here are "my" personal parasites hiding behind russian servers or so called community members:
Franz de Byl – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at
Listen free to Franz de Byl: Birthday (The World's Gates), I Got Trouble & more. ... People who like Franz de Byl also like ARCANE V, Albrecht D, Banten.
3 Feb 2010 ... Having another nose around, I found that one of the most obscure of the artists,Franz de Byl, had just recently put up some tracks on his ...
This Mr. Panzerdivision John Candy probably is exactly that fraud who started this "" site and its "tags" and "similar artists" informations. He might be the head of the group "Arcane" or at least of all of the groups what are listed under "similar artists" - but none of those groups have something in common with me or are in any way similar...
It is just using my name to publish own shit.

So now I am a member of a french psychedelic rock band from the 1970's, and I am hiding behind Russian servers. This is fantastic. Here is a quote from one of the comments (by the man himself) which seems to shed light on the root of his mania:

What do you think Discogs and and all the other fucking pirates in the net are wanting? Gain some fucking money, or help out and sponsor all the good and legendary musicians? You are to blame and I don't need to have better lawyers then Barbara - I can do it myself: It's MY NAME, MY TRADEMARK, MY LIFE, MY HOME, MY MUSIC, MY PERSONALITY, MY PICTURES - everything concerning Franz de Byl BELONGS TO ME!! And I give permission or I don’t give a permission.
The reference to 'Barbara' comes from someone trying to explain the Streisand Effect to him, whereby attempting to censor information on the internet generally leads to this information being deliberately sought out and exchanged. This little rant also dramatically expands our understanding of the gulf of Franz De Byl's misunderstandings about how the world functions. The reason I'm interested in this guy, I should add, is because he makes a fascinating case study for the internet age, and for information theory. He's basically engaged in some quixotic battle against the entire way the internet works. The way he's doing it is so muddled and clueless it makes you feel kind of sad for him. For example, Franz does not seem to realise that sites are generated procedurally from the listening habits of users: when people with the plugin listen to music, it creates sites for the artists they are listening to and generates the charts, playlists and connections automatically. He says, wonderfully: had to erase my music data for 10 to 20 times now – but some members are uploading my music again and again...
People are listening to his music. This is what he actually hates them doing. He can't seem to understand that this is why his site keeps reappearing. But yet he says

So the whole story about "The similar artists shows the bands people listening to the most who have been listening to you" is nothing but conman's work. I know very well what kind of music my fans are listening to...
I resume, as all those frauds and Lewandowskis don't let me change or erase "my sites" I will never allow them to use my name, my trademark, my life and at least: ME!
It's fabulous. He thinks he knows better than the truth. Most people who listen to his music discovered him via the NWW list. He hates this. But he can't change it, he can't destroy the list and he simply doesn't understand. The impotence and purity of his rage his quite staggering, really. Lewandoski is I believe one of the people who flatly refused to remove the data about the bootleg release he is so upset about from It's worth re-iterating here that Franz De Byl believes that people that are not him writing about, reviewing or keeping record of his music constitutes identity theft.

Another great comment rant:

Jason, you’re nothing but a lemming. I don’t need – needs me. You believe in what is declaring and affirming – I don’t. You probably believe in BP and that there is no oil in the gulf of mexico, it just looks like it – I don’t. You probably believe in your english football team – I don’t. And you probably believe in your politicians and preachers – I don’t.
Like you believe in this curious nww list – I DON’T! I stop this now and make Google remove from the search result site for “Franz de Byl”. Habe die Ehre!
This is in response to someone trying to patiently explain to Franz how the similiar artists system works. Franz appears to believe that are lying about how the similiar artist system works, that the entire website is somehow a scam used to defraud him, and that is some vast multinational conspiracy. Franz de Byl is an INCREDIBLY obscure musician. The idea that someone would be bothered to do this is astonishing, It also plays somewhat in to the theory that Franz may have fanatic type narcissistic personality disorder. The guy certainly needs some sort of medical help. I cannot provide him, but I love analysing him. Maybe I shouldn't, maybe it's cruel, but this is the Streisand effect at work, I think. I want to expose and somehow excise Franz's censorious mania. Also he's a fucking quote mine and no mistake.

Final bonus rant:

The best bit BY far about this rant is that Steven Stapleton's wife is called Diana Rogerson. A google search for "Candice Iverson"+"Steven Stapleton" returns exactly one result on google. I'll leave you to figure out what that result is for yourself.


  1. Okay, I give up. Noone can deliberately be so confusing.

  2. You can see the wedding pics of Candice and Steve Iverson on Candice's MySpace page:
    Maybe Stapleton has been out-weirded by Mr. De Byl.

  3. I can't find these pictures? I'd be interested in seeing them.