Friday, 10 September 2010

Fun with Highlighters

Been doing a little doodling at work. Pretty much all I got is fineliners, ballpoints, coffee and highlighters, so that's what I'm working with.

Before we begin, Highlighters really, really do not scan well. Which is a bummer. Ah well.

Cowboy Killer
Fineliner, ballpoint, highlighters, coffee

This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Ballpoint, fineliners, highlighters, flipchart pen, coffee

Golden Skull
Ballpoint, coffee, highlighters, flipchart pen

Fantasy Castle
Ballpoints, highlighters

The last one loses the most, I think.

I'm going back to uni soon, and I plan to update this blog with the artwork I'm producing there, so it should suddenly get a LOT more happening. Though knowing me probably not. Ciao!

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