Thursday, 11 November 2010

Anti-Student Fee protests 10/11 2010

I was there. I am not shocked by the way things have been portrayed in the papers (except the Guardian, who have been pleasing), but have been somewhat dissapointed by the attitudes of my fellow students, especially people in the student union here at AUCB, moaning about how "The thugs ruined it for everyone" and "They weren't even all students". Of course everyone on the march wasn't a fucking student! Have these people ever heard of solidarity?

I feel it's important to publically state that I am in full support of everything that happened yesterday. Anyone who has sympathy for the poor widdle towy pawty getting some windows smashed and cocks drawn all over their headquarters is a fucking moron, especially if they're a student. These people are the fucking enemy, and they're out to destroy higher education and the arts, turn them into even more of gated communities than they already are. What happened yesterday could have been better co-ordinated and managed (the building could still be occupied if things had been done right). I'm not sure on what level it was organised and what level it was spontaneous, but I am pretty sure that if everything had gone to the dickless plan of the NUS (Nice quiet little march round whitehall, shout some slogans, go home) then we would have made page 5 of the nationals and been forgotten about instantly. I don't think we can 'harm' this cause by direct action. I think this sets the tone brilliantly for what this government should expect as they roll out draconian policies that harm the poor, women, the unemployed, immigrants and practically anyone else who's not one of their rich white friends: resistance. I am proud that some of my fellow students in this country still have the balls not to roll over and do and believe everything they're told.


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