Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some digital paintings, just dicking about.

Just having a play around with a internet based tool I found here. Weird shaped canvas and no erase or copy/paste. A lot of fun though.

I really like the quality of mark. I could see myself incorporating stuff from here into other digital works.

Maybe those promised drawings will surface as well. Maybe soon. Maybe.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artists Statement, First Draught

Yeah I know I said I'd upload some stuff. But I've been real-world busy. How does this sound:

We, as human beings, tend to think that we are the highest form of life on this planet. In this, we are sadly mistaken: the dominant life-form of our world is the idea. Capable of reproducing itself without a physical body, of evolving in the blink of an eye to fit any environment, immortal and ever changing. The interaction of ideas, their organisation, their mutation, their reproduction, and their attempted enslavement by human beings is the space where my art exists. I explore how ideas and images can become deformed, how they can be organised and put in zoos by the gawping explorers of culture. I play a game of definitions wherein I attempt to deconstruct the tedious dualisms that plague our understanding: art/not-art, good/bad, clever/stupid, dramatic/melodramatic, inspiration/theft, erotic/pornographic, legal/criminal. My approach is undirected, more alchemy than science. A fuzzy, chopped up, low-fidelity, tenth VHS copy sort of art, where every glitch and malfunction is a happy little accident. Draw a straight line, and observe the jerks and meanders. The body resists all attempts to impose order. From these seeds, the genetic errors in the reproduction of the idea by the human pantograph, further chaos grows, as the results are encoded, transcoded, sent through wires, displayed upon screens, redrawn, and sent on. Braver men than I have taken up arms against the mounting tide of errors, but the process by which order becomes disorder is a physical law, immutable as gravity. Must we all be so quixotic? Would it not be better to accept the inevitable, and bow out gracefully to the new age of the pure, useless idea?

Stupid, right? Well, it's an artists statement, and I've got about a month left. I'd also like to let you know that, obviously, this is not the first draught, it's more like the eightieth draught. At least one of those draughts was largely quotes from Cryptic Wintermoon songs.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Jesus Christ, it's 5 paintings, get in the car!

I have managed to gain brief but glorious access to a scanner. I will release some new stuff slowly over the course of this week (perhaps in three posts) rather than just splurge it all at once.

First, some paintings.

Of Course it Doesn't Taste Good It's Just Been In Your Arse
Acrylic paint

I Wish Your Fucking Mother Could be Here to See This
Acrylic paint

The Figurehead of HMS Warrior
Acrylic paint, black rollerball, coffee, ink

Fire + Ice
Acrylic paint

First Murder (after Argento)
Acrylic paint

The first two quote from Sutcliffe J├╝gend songs. Little more needs to be said about them, except that the second is much better than the first. The third one is just a little working on a sketch I did during a family trip to the Portsmouth historic dockyard a while back. The fourth is just some fantasy crap that arrived out of playing with colours. Dreadfully sorry about that. The fifth is the first in a planned series. As you can see, it is based on a screenshot from the film 'Suspiria', showing the first of that films brutal murders. I didn't get the colours quite right. The colours in Suspiria are so gorgeous

On Wednesday, I'll post some drawings, then on Friday the properly scanned versions of Bedlam Boys and L'Homme Arme, plus some photoshop stuff.