Monday, 17 January 2011

Negotiated Practice 2 Presentation

Man, I had forgotten how much goshdang work was involved in university. Or rather, I hadn't forgotten, as if I'd been doing enough goshdang work previously I wouldn't have been kicked off the course. Twice. But hey!

Not too much that's very interesting to show, this post is just mainly to keep this thing alive, plus to prove that I haven't just been slacking off sulking in some pit. This is what I presented for my group critique this Thursday gone. It's basically just all the work I've been doing for the last three months blutacked on the wall of a little crappy room. Enjoy:

Apart from this, I have also been doing a bunch of writing in the last few months. Some of it is course related (ie. my Dissertation), much isn't. Something may come of it: something may not. Eets a Meestery.

Maybe I will post more things more often but come on, you know what to expect by now.

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