Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A little update.

I got some really good stuff coming along. I am working ferociously hard: standard day is get up about 7, get into uni around 9, work till 8pm, go home, work more, sleep, repeat. I haven't been scanning or photographing much the stuff that I'm getting ready for my final piece (though I'll soon be doing wall tests, next Friday actually, and I will post some images.) But I just remembered I had a few scanned images from back in January or so that I had never put up. Big new development in my artistic practice has been making woodblock prints using linocutting tools and blocks of MDF. It's crude and expressive, just how I like it baby. I've also been working on a lot of digital stuff which I won't show here because it doesn't really make any sense just on a screen.

Ok, without further ado, some stuff:

Dead White Men
Acrylic paint photocopy

Woodcut print

William Blake (After Thomas Phillips)
Acrylic paint, coffee

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