Wednesday, 15 June 2011

BA Final piece #1: The Emerald Tablet

After such a flurry of online inactivity, it seems silly to hit with everything at once. Plus, I just get bored uploading photos! I have two pieces in my BA show, here is one:

The Emerald Tablet
MDF, nails, screws, timber, wood glue, pva, emulsion paint, filler, builders sand, dirt, coffee, masking tape, wheat paste, glicee prints, xerographic prints

I wrote a 7000 word essay about the thoughts behind the meaning of the piece which would probably be too boring to repeat here. In one word, it's about communication. Materially this was a big leap for me; the 'tablet' itself is made entirely from MDF with very minimal timber supports inside. The surface was created using layers of paint, some contaminated, and applying wear marks directly with a variety of tools (linocutters, hammers, chisels etc.). There are about siz coats of paint on there; one white undercoat and one lighter coat on the top dry-brushed, plus several coats of different dirt mixtures made from soil, pva glue and flour. It took a lot of soul searching to begin distressing the glicee prints (it was like fucking burning money) but after one went on a bit weird when it was wheat pasted, and I started being deliberate, I really got into it.

The titles of the prints seperately are:
Top 50 List of Lists (already posted here in an earlier form)
There's No Art
The Map is Not the Territory
First Principles
My Sexual Fantasies
The Lack of Meaning
Can We Say for Certain?

I may post clean digital versions, and some other digital things I've been working on, later. I will also post the other piece I have in the exhibition.

This piece will be exhibited in the show 'STEM' at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, from the 24th to the 30th of June, and at the show 'Brink', The Free-Range Gallery, Brick Lane, London from the 7th to the 11th of July, this year.


  1. This is pretty clearly a pro-life, pro-God piece. The longer I look at it the easier I can see the strong Christian God influences. The faces clearly represent Jesus and His disciples, while the text is an abstraction of his teachings and how life is always precious. This would be amazing to see in a church.

  2. I loved your work. I have been at the Uni open day today, and when I saw your work I was just amazed!!! Well done! :D