Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Contents of a Desk Drawer, plus some other things.

Well, my BA is finally over, and my MA application is being scrutinised. I should get around to posting up the other part of my final piece, but in good time eh? I don't think anyone hangs on this blog with bated breath*...though truth be told I should do a lot more with it now I'm an accredited professional. Oh me!

One thing I haven't been is being lazy, it's just the various things I've been doing aren't really displayable on this blog for a number of reasons. First, I have begun writing an irregular column on B-movies called 'Your World Will Hate This' over at a site set up by some internet friends of mine, called Pocket Jury. There's not much up there at the moment, but it's far from professional. Keep on the look-out also for some illustrations I've done for an as-yet unpublished series of film reviews someone else is doing. They're pretty good, but I won't post them here because they're commissions and it ain't my place, unless he abandons the columns, in which case screw him!

Most of the stuff I'm working at at the moment is writing actually, or ideas for writing. I've been fiddling with a few poems and a short story, which might be posted here. Other stuff is long-form and not even really for general public consumption. One project, which I've been working on for about a year now and may have mentioned here before, is a document describing a science-fiction future history I've been working on, mostly in my head, since I was a kid. This now runs to about 50,000 words, over 120 pages, with numerous illustrations. I am not sure what I eventually want to do with it, whether I want to use it as the basis for some fiction or a comic or a shared world-building thing or what. It'll come I think. I've also started sketching and plotting out an idea I have for a graphic novel, which might go somewhere or nowhere. Finally, I'm working on a pen and paper RPG ruleset, with a unique twist that I don't want to reveal at this stage in case I decide to actually do something with it. It might be interesting though! Let's see if I can finish anything!

Another thing I've been doing is tidying my room. This is a literally Herculean task. To provide some content, I have itemised the contents of one of my desk drawers, as I found its variety and inexplicability amusing. This is also related to something that I've been thinking about quite a bit in terms of self-portraits and other things through text without using traditional prose. What would Sherlock Holmes have induced from this lot?


One (1) Roll of black electrical tape
One (1) Pair of RNLI folding binoculars, bright red and yellow
One (1) Plastic display case containing crystals of iron pyrites
One (1) Chick comic tract 'This Was Your Life'
One (1) Small plastic bag containing 2 stainless steel hinges and 4 small screws
Three (3) Durex condoms
One (1) Business card, Paula Bailey, Graphic Design & Photography
One (1) Plastic case containing three badges for the completion of campanology tests (Happy Hunter, Artful Dodger, Champion Campanologist)
One (1) Cross with afficed remembrance poppy and the words 'In Remembrance', designed for graveyard display
One (1) Cigarette rolling machine
One (1) pack of glowsticks, unopened
One (1) Rememberance day poppy, half painted black
One (1) Folding sailors utiliy knife, with various tools
One (1) Marks & Spencers staff identity badge, name 'Linda'
One (1) Medical eyepatch
One (1) Plastic protractor
One (1) 'The George Inn, Newport' cigarette lighter, empty
One (1) pair of dress-makers scissors
One (1) plastic nit comb
One (1) passport photograph of the artist
One (1) Omega watch, broken
One (1) fake Rolex Oyster watch, broken strap
One (1) Wacken Open Air festival 'Metal Town' enamal key-ring
One (1) bobbin 'Marina Green' cotton thread
One (1) Bernados giftaid card
Six (6) black biros
One (1) Convention badge (Amecon 2004) signed by the voice actress Monica Rial
One (1) Anti Nazi League badge
One (1) spectacles strap
One (1) 3 1/2 inch floppy disk, unmarked, broken
Two (2) green rollerball pens
One (1) PS2 to USB adaptor
Two (2) loose snap-off knife blades
One (1) retractable craft knife, accepting the above
One (1) 'Hunt is a 4-letter word' anti fox-hunting badge
One (1) Gold-plated 1/4 inch to 3.5mm jack adaptor
One (1) Misfits dog-tag and chain
One (1) Battery for a Sony Ericsson phone, make unknown
One (1) Stick 'Gloy' glue, dry
Four (4) guitar picks (Gibson thin, Gibson medium, Rotosound thin, Pro-grip medium)
One (1) clay sculpting tool
One (1) pin hammer
One (1) DVD of 'Letter to Brezhnev', from a promotional offer in the Guardian.
One (1) pack of OCB black rolling papers

*or at all.

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  1. Goodluck with your future projects and can't wait to see your sci-fiction future history, I bet it will look amazing!!! :D